AARF Guests: The Fluffies

Let’s meet Mario and Phinneus, two adorable, fluffy 12-week-old kittens!  I call them the Fluffies because I’m feeling extra creative this week.  They’re boarding here at Camp Kitty until a foster home is found, but it would be even better if a forever home came along first. 

Mario & Phinneus

Phinneus & Mario

Many events came into play last week that brought Mario and Phinneus to Camp Kitty.  To say the least, last week was a crazy one in the world of cat rescue.  First, Paulding County Humane Society announced that they’re closing their doors to deal with a rat problem and renovate their facility, and they needed all cats and dogs out of there by the 28th or they would be euthanised.   Many rescue groups and the general public got all the pets out of there by the 24th (they stopped accepting new pets on the 21st).  AARF rescued a few kittens from there, but not as many as we had originally thought.

Second, an apartment manager brought in a box of approximately 20 cats (some adults, most kittens) to Dekalb Animal Control.  Turns out they were living in and outside a deceased woman’s apartment.  Oh, what to do with all of those felines?!  Lifeline Animal Project (LAP) and Furkids stepped up by taking those cats.  In order to make room at LAP for the new arrival, AARF took four kittens from LAP’s facility, two of them being Mario and Phinneus.  Talk about a rescue community coming together for the greater good!

Phinneus and Mario are both up for adoption and they encourage you to stop by Camp Kitty to meet them and witness their extreme cuteness in real life.  They’re both fun and playful.  Phinneus has no reservations.  He lives life to its fullest.  If you’re looking for a high octane kitten then he’s the one for you.  He doesn’t mind being held, but he would much rather run and jump and be on the move.  Mario, on the other hand, is a little bit more reserved.  He’s never one to make the first move.  He’s shy at first, but once he trusts you he is a complete lovebug.







 Check out the profiles of Mario and Phinneus on AARF’s website if you’re interested in learning more about these handsome fellows.

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